Week 2 | Day 2

Read Mark 1:40-45

Start today by praying for your friend or family member. Pray that God continues to work in their heart and will use you as the conduit to invite them to get in front of the gospel on Easter at Covenant.

We all have issues right? We all face challenges and have our own private struggles, but as followers of Jesus we know that God is our strength. But if you are someone far from Jesus, where do you run to for strength? Where do you go to find comfort?

Often times the people that we love who don’t know Jesus wrestle with bad habits or addictions out of the fact that it alleviates, even momentarily, the pain in the moment. Think about your friend or family member for a moment. Do you think if they knew that Jesus could be a place of healing and strength for them that they would be more inclined to be your guest on Easter at Covenant? Look at what the Leper says to Jesus in this passage.

“And a leper came to him, imploring him, and kneeling said to him, “If you will, you can make me clean.”

This Leper came to Jesus, (and here’s the key word) hoping that Jesus might heal him. He had a glimmer of hope that Jesus could heal him. Most likely this leper had exhausted all of his other options to be healed. I’m sure that he had tried all the medications, all the cleansing rituals and visited anyone who had said they might have an answer to his illness. And so maybe as a last ditch effort this man seeks out Jesus, hoping against hope that Jesus would be the answer.

Think about your friend or family member right now. Do you think that if they knew that there was even a chance that Jesus could be the answer to their problems that they wouldn’t run to Him?

God wants to use you and your story to demonstrate that Jesus is not only willing, but also is wanting to heal your friends heart and life.

Think about what Jesus has saved you from and how He has changed your life. Practice telling that story over and over and over. Now prepare for the opportunity that God is going to give you to share that story with your friend or family member.

Pray that God gives you the courage and the clarity to use your story to invite your friend to get in front of the gospel as your guest on Easter at Covenant.