Week 2 | Day 1

Read Mark 1:40–45

Take a moment before you begin today’s devotional to think of a second name of a friend or family member that you are praying will be your guest to Easter at Covenant. Write their name down somewhere you can keep it with you.

Dedicate this person to Jesus, and ask God to give you the boldness and the opportunity to invite them to be your guest of honor to our Easter Worship Experience.

We know that Jesus has the ability and the willingness to heal our friends hearts, and souls. So if this is the case, what prevents the gospel from spreading like a wildfire? The answer is…us. We are often the bottleneck, or more specifically, our lack of courage in inviting our friends to get in front of the gospel is what prevents the spread of the gospel.

At the end of the day the biggest obstacle to the gospel is Christians who fail to share the gospel.

Look at how Mark puts it…

“…he went out and began to talk freely about it, and to spread the news…”

The leper whom Jesus healed couldn’t help but tell others about Jesus. In fact scripture is clear in the fact that it says that he, “freely” talked about it. We often think that inviting our friends to get in front of the gospel has to be this big event that requires a large withdrawal of of relational currency, but the Leper demonstrates the opposite. He was casual in his approach to talking about Jesus, it was natural for him to bring up the fact that Jesus had saved him.

As you think and pray for your friend or family member today, think about how you can naturally bring up Jesus in normal conversation. Think about and pray towards multiple opportunities for you to casually invite your friend to be your guest for Easter at Covenant.