A 4 Week Devotional

One of the greatest privileges we have as followers of Christ is the opportunity to share our faith with those around us and see them set free from their sins through the gospel of Jesus. 

RELENTLESS is a four week devotional leading up to Easter Sunday (April 1st). It is designed to help you identify 4 different people in your life with whom God wants you to share your faith. As a church we will walk through biblical examples of evangelism and the amazing stories of encounters with Christ.

We believe Jesus has been relentless in his pursuit of us, and so we should be relentless in our pursuit of others. We want everyone who attends Covenant to accept this challenge and begin praying for and identifying those in your life who need hear the message of Jesus.

Each week has 3 devotionals, 1 challenge, and 1 group event. A schedule of Monday Wednesday and Friday is suggested, but you can fit the devotionals to your personal schedule. We hope you take this challenge seriously and see your friends and family come to Christ.