What is a capital campaign?

An opportunity for a church to come together to pray and fast and decide what each person is willing to financially sacrifice beyond their normal tithe to further the vision for their church.

What if I do not currently give anything?

A capital campaign is a great time to begin to obey the call to financially support your church through tithing.

How long will the campaign last?

This capital campaign will last for 12 months – March 2018-March 2019.

How much money are we trying to raise?

We are trying to raise $250,000.

What will this money be used for exactly?

The money will be used toward the purchase of land, a downpayment for an existing building, or to secure financing for construction of a new build.

How can I contribute?

Talk it over with your family and contribute in any way that you can – through first time tithing, a commitment toward continued tithing, or a commitment to give above tithe specifically toward this building campaign.  Bring your commitment card to our commitment night of worship as we will commit our plans to the Lord together.  Please commit to pray over this process.

Do we have a building or land we are targeting at this point?

We are actively looking at every opportunity within Grove City.  At this time, there is not building or piece of land that we are targeting.

Are you ready to give to the AGAIN Campaign?